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Meet the CEO:
Dr. Codemari

print("Hello World ! I'm Dr. Codemari, the CEO of CodemariPhd LLC. I am a proud Black Woman with a PhD in Computer Science with decades of experience in research in Computer Science & mentorship. CodemariPhD LLC is a sole-proprietor LLC established in California.")

print("My ultimate goals align with the mission of the company: to enlighten and inspire the next generation of Computer Scientists.  
As a Black Woman I hope to inspire more Black Women to pursue careers in STEM.")

Now Accepting Donations

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Our business is growing and expanding. We greatly appreciate any donations. Monetary donations can be made via Zelle. You may use this email address:, scan the QR code below, or click the button above the QR code. If you would like to make other donations such as equipment or software, please email us. 

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