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Firefly silhouette of an african american woman typing on a keyboard, programming 2273 (1)
Firefly silhouette of an african american woman typing on a keyboard, programming 2273 (1)


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Conglomerate of Technical Consulting Services for Individuals & Businesses 

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Codemariphd LLC is a technical consulting and education company providing a range of virtual services.

Want to learn how to code, get ready for college, transition into a career in Tech, or request a public speaker?  This site offers all of these services and more.


Our mission is to enlighten and inspire the next generation of Computer Scientists. 

Sam C., CA

"...provides very holistic coaching, that includes computer science study, interview prep, industry advice, and more! Within months of consulting with her, I attended Blackcomputeher, a conference she recommended for me. Through that conference portal, I found a job that I was hired for shortly after. It's a very fitting position that honors my commitment to social justice and a great follow-up for me as a bootcamp technical professional."


Thank you CodemariPhd LLC! 

- Technical Career Consulting, Coding Lessons

High School Intern Parent, CA

"I just wanted to take the time to Thank you for all you have done and are doing for Anthony...Thank you for all your timely responses to him and taking him on for his internship. "

- High School Mentorship & Internship

Fiverr Client, USA

“..she took the job and did a good job!.”

- Technical Résumé Revision


Providing coding lessons in a variety of languages including Python, Javascript, Git, and others


Highschool mentorship available to grow your coding skills and get you ready for higher education


Offering a public speaking service for events or formal gatherings


Offering career support for those who are interested in the computer science field

"With the exponential growth in computer technology, learning how to code is quite literally a real life superpower."


-Anthony W, CM.PHD Intern, Fall 2024

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